We have given much thought to this subject as we are of course aware that some of our competitors offer this "questionable" facility.

We feel however, the idea is a mistake and in the long run will prove to be a major problem for those who have chosen this course. You will realise that the property advertised on our website is privately owned and when you book, you are booking with the individual owner. We therefore have no way of knowing whether an apartment or villa is available or not - the owners will be getting bookings from various sources.

This means, if we were to have an availability chart on the website, the owner would have to accept responsibility for keeping it up to date. The matter has been discussed with many of our owners.

While some of the owners are "internauts" - some have very little experience with computers and would be unable to deal with availability charts - some would not have the time - some would not want to do it, some live in remote areas with no telephone lines, etc., etc., so you will see the potential problems here. Nothing could be worse than to have a thousand availability charts on the website and only 10% of them accurate and up to date. The result would certainly be a cause of major annoyance to everyone.

Our policy is to provide the best service we can. Our web sites are designed to be simple to use and efficient for both the property owner and most of all you the end user. Without you, it all falls apart. For these reasons we have decided to only offer services which we can totally control ourselves, availability charts do not allow this.

If you have any questions on this or any other matters relating to our web sites we look forward to receiving your emails. Your comments are always taken seriously and where possible included in our site revisions, this explanation is the result of customer comments,

Thank you for using our web site,

No Availability Charts